AMMO Wheel Regimen Kit

ALL NEW FORMULAS! The AMMO Wheel Regimen is unique combination of products created to safely keep your wheel, tires, and rims clean and protected. Be sure to use our specialty wheel brushes and techniques to create amazing results. DO NOT FREEZE

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
J. Chancey
Ammo is legit.

I've recently been trusted with detailing some high dollar cars. I chose Ammo products because I watched Larry using them in a similar application. The Wheel regimen is awesome! All three impressed me and Mud looked great on the black trim!

Alex Perry
Wheel cleaning Products

The 3 items arrived from the states to the Uk the products are excellent and would buy again just hope they have sorted out the red tape with import taxes.

Dan Francis
Wheels are tough!!!

The wheel regiment kit is tougher!!! BRUTE and PLUM are 2 of my favorite products! Mud works well and gives my tires a medium sheen, which is perfect for me. If I had any criticism it would be that I wish mud lasted longer on my tires..but really, given how much you get in a bottle- you can use it weekly or even twice a week and still have it last a year or more!