• Wash your car anytime, anywhere!
  • Concentrate formula: 20-30 washes per bottle Kit is lightweight and portable, perfect for a road trip.
  • Saves water, time, and your car’s paint! 
  • Great for apartments, water restrictions, winter months. 
  • Buy kit once, restock Frothe Anti Salt as needed.

Nothing worse than a dirty car and no way to clean it safely. If you live in an apartment with no access to a hose, an oceanside/coastal environment, or deal with harsh salt-heavy winters where your hose is wrapped up for the cold months, the Anti-Salt kit is for you (try the traditional hoseless wash kit if “salt” is not a concern).

The Frothé Anti-Salt Kit is designed to clean your paint without water from a hose, commonly referred to as a Waterless Wash. The thick shaving cream-like foam formulated with salt neutralizers and corrosion inhibitors creates the lubrication needed to remove dirt and dissolve harsh minerals from your paint safely.

Once Frothe Anti-Salt is scooped-up with a microfiber towel, follow up with AMMO Hydrate as the final step to protect the clean paint. Leave it in your trunk for on-the-go washes.

Frothe Anti-Salt is a 20X concentrated formula and can give you 20-30 washes if used as directed. Designed for the real world. Drive clean with or without a hose.

The Hoseless Wash Kit includes an Aerator, a bottle of Frothe Anti-Salt concentrate, a bottle of Hydrate, as well as a stack of red and blue microfiber towels. 

Please note: Aerators will not be accepted for return after 30 days from delivery date.

Click on the individual product page to see Product Label, Safety Data Sheet, California Cleaning Right to Know, California Prop. 65, and Links to Designated List for each product.

1. Use with AMMO Aerator, Pro Foamer, or wall-mounted Foamer.
2. Add 2oz of FROTHe Anti-Salt Lift (6 cap-fulls) to the reservoir, then add 40oz of warm water and shake.
3. Pump the sprayer to max pressure.
4. Evenly spray FROTHe Anti-Salt Lift in side-to-side motions, top down, one panel at a time. 

5. Wipe in straight-line motions from top to bottom with a MF towel. Rotate the towel as it becomes dirty. 

6. Once clean, use HYDRATE for the final wipe for insane depth and shine.
Pro Tip: Apply a thicker layer on the lower parts of the car and thinner layers towards the "less dirty" top regions. Rotate towels frequently. Can be used on wheels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jim Benedict
Works exactly like the video shows!

I purchased this kit about a month ago and fortunately, it has been warm enough to wash the car with water up to this point. Now that the country is in a deep freeze, I had the chance to try my new kit!
I had a perfectly clean and detailed vehicle, but after a trip to Chicago this past weekend, my vehicle was covered in salt. The back of my GL was nearly white with the stuff. Because of the temperatures in the teens I chose to wash it in the garage and glanced over the online directions before I dove in. I filled up the sprayer with water and FROTHe, (which has a very nice aroma) pumped up the sprayer and went to work. I initially tried to do too big an area, for example two doors at once, but found that it was much easier to work on a concentrated area, such as half of the hood at a time. I rewatched the video after my experience to compare and that is essentially what Larry said to do.
I worked my way around the vehicle, and it allowed me to lift all of the dirt and salt off with ease! Excellent results! It worked nicely on the wheels as well. I used six towels in all, but next time will probably use a couple more. Also, it helps to have a coat of wax or Reflex underneath all of the dirt, less chance of scratching the paint.
I am completely pleased with this product, and will continue to use during the colder months. Very pleased on being able to drive a clean vehicle in the dead of winter!

Alfredo Lagos
Well designed, high quality kit that works very well

I live in a city row house and rarely have easy access to outdoor water. Using the kit, in conjunction with the AMMO videos, makes for easily keeping my new Jeep Wrangler clean and shiny throughout the year. The aerator is well designed and high quality. It is easy to work with, carry around, and maintain. The soaps and hydrate work very well and a little bit always seems to goes a long way. The microfiber towels are high quality and large, making it easy to get a lot of use out of each one. In addition to the kit, I have also purchased the wheel woolie and flow-through woolie. Everything I have ordered came when promised and in perfect shape. Overall, I am very happy. Please continue to aim high Larry and team!

Jason W
Shockingly Effective

I watched the videos and understand why FROTHe works, but it's still shocking how well. As a South Florida apartment dweller who lives near the ocean, my car is constantly covered in white salt spots and a fine layer of sand. I expected the salt spots to wipe away, but the FROTHe lifted away the sand without scratching the paint. As any scratches would be visible in the South Florida sun, this is shocking. Combined with the wheel woolie and an extra set of towels for the wheels, the kit has been an enormous success.