Step By Step Wax / Sealant

Step by step wax sealant

01 | Wash
Download our step-by-step PDF and watch Drive Clean 101 here.

02 | Clay if necessary
Download our step-by-step PDF and watch Drive Clean 102 here.

03 | Make sure paint temperature is not hot, and stay indoors or in the shade

04 | Apply Carnuaba wax or Synthetic Sealant with foam applicator pad in straight lines (no circles)

05 | Apply Wax or Sealant to painted surfaces and headlights and taillights. DO NOT APPLY ON TRIM OR MOLDINGS.

06 | If you are applying Sealant, only do 1 panel at a time, then remove with a clean microfiber towel.

07 | If applying Wax, do 2 or 3 panels before removal.

08 | Remove Wax or Sealant with a microfiber towels and the “2-swipe method” for best results.

09 | ALWAYS, double you check your work with spray wax and a clean microfiber towel.

10 | Use a flash-light to look for“missed” areas or pull the vehicle into direct sunlight to inspect the finish.

11 | Show car trick: Use my “layering technique” for increased depth and shine. First apply AMMO Skin to entire car, remove, then add a thin layer of AMMO Creme on top for a concours shine.

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