Ferrari Roma First Wash & Delivery Detail

Hey everyone, on this week’s episode we’re working on a 2021 Ferrari Roma in British Racing Green. Super cool spec but even with only delivery miles, it needs a proper paint correction. Surprisingly enough, most six figure cars arrive with defects from the factory and then pass through many hands prior to delivery. So let’s dive into this new car detail and some helpful tips  when polishing soft Ferrari Paint.

Ferrari Roma first detail at AMMO NYC

Now this particular car has sat for 6 months over the winter, so 1st step is to give it a thorough wash. I started with a rinse using the upcoming AMMO 630 Power Washer to blow off the loose dirt and contaminants. After the rinse, I prepared my wash bucket with Foam Paint Cleanser and wheel bucket with Brute. On a brand new Ferrari with Ceramic Brakes, I’m avoiding using harsh wheel cleaners as Brute packs enough punch to clean these new rims. I’m using a Blue MF Towel to maneuver and clean behind the thin spokes of this wheel. Shoutout to Derek Bemiss for this wheel cleaning method and have the best hair in the biz!

AMMO Wheel whoolie and detailing on Ferrari Roma

Next I foamed the paint with Foam Paint Cleanser and gave it a healthy wash using my microfiber towel method. I like to add 4-6 clean towels to my wash bucket and switch them out as they become dirty. This minimizes scratching as I’m using a fresh towel throughout the wash and avoid reintroducing a dirty towel to my wash bucket. For the tight spots I used the new AMMO Mini Woolie which was the perfect size for cleaning the intricate Roma grill. After the wash the green paint was looking clean but the dirt had hidden numerous swirls and sanding marks. 

AMMO Mini whoolie on grill of Ferrari Roma

So why does a six figure car arrive with these types of defects? In honesty, I’ve seen this phenomenon on almost all luxury makes and believe it’s due to the paint gassing out. The vehicles likely leave the factory looking great but as the paint contracts, it reveals sanding marks and other defects. It’s unfortunate most cars don’t arrive “perfect” but also keep in mind new vehicles go through shipping, test drives, dealer washes, etc before arrival. In any case, this proves why detailing is so important to bring any vehicle to it’s full aesthetic potential. 

Paint correction detail on new delivery of Ferrari Roma

I started the paint correction by going after the sanding marks with a 1 inch polisher, yellow wool pad, and DA fine polish. The PTS British Racing Green was pretty soft so I was careful with my edge control to avoid burning through. Afterwards, I used a yellow foam pad which finished out nicely on the soft paint. After I removed the sanding marks, I completed the polish with a Rupes Duetto which has a 12mm throw. This paint was particularly soft so I avoided using the larger throw 21mm polisher which had the potential to scour the paint. Decreasing the throw of the machine and using less polish was the right technique to successfully finish out on this particular paint. So keep that in mind if you’re struggling with your final polishing step. 

Rupes polisher for paint correction on Ferrari Roma at AMMO NYC

After the paint correction, I moved to the interior which was the easiest part of the detail. It’s a brand new Ferrari with a gorgeous interior, so the goal here is to maximize that “new car” experience for the customer. I simply removed the plastic protective coverings and light dusted a few areas of the car with Lather + a Red microfiber towel. Ferrari leather smells absolutely amazing and altering that smell would diminish the sensory experience. So with a quick vacuum and brush of the carpets, I moved to the coating step. 

Interior detail and wipe down of new delivery Ferrari Roma

The next day, I installed a front end clear bra then coated the wheels with Gelee Pro which will make future cleaning easier. Next, I applied Reflex Pro to the paint including the areas covered by PPF which is perfectly fine. I also coated the door jambs, trunk area, and hood gutters with Reflex as these “armpit” areas need the additional protection. Next I cleaned up the glass with Obey, a squeegee, a microfiber towel, and a Final Wipe Glass Towel. Because the car is so new, a ton of residues, glues, and contaminants were on the glass so it was a difficult cleanup. You can use a long handle razor-blade with Obey as a lubricant if you’re having trouble removing particularly stubborn contaminants. 

AMMO Gelee Pro wheel ceramic coating on Ferrari Roma

I finished the detail by reinstalling the floor mats and adding Mud Tire Gel to make the tires POP. The Ferrari Roma was looking absolutely fantastic and the British Racing Green paint was dripping wet after the paint correction. The owner was absolutely floored when he picked up the Roma and was so excited he let me take it for a spin. It’s always awesome to drive a Ferrari and the twin turbo V8 was extremely powerful. Super jazzed about the Roma detail and you can check out the full video on the AMMONYC Youtube Channel. As always thanks for your support and stay tuned for many more helpful detailing posts. 

Finished Ferrari Roma detail by Larry at AMMO NYC

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