AMMO Hydrate Paint Moisturizer

Hydrate is our #1 product worldwide and has changed the way you dry your paint. It was designed out of frustration. Why is my paint getting scratched with every wash despite using fresh towels, multiple buckets, and grit guards? Turns out the drying process was causing many of the fine scratches (we call them “love marks”) on your paint because the drying was not lubricated enough with just the rinse water alone. Hydrate is a thick liquid that created a barrier between your microfiber towel (NO SHAMMY’S!) and the surface of your paint, leaving behind a thin layer of protection until your next washing session. Absolutely a MUST have for anyone who cares for their car. Used wet or dry. DO NOT FREEZE

Customer Reviews

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Erv Meier
Great product but…

Love Frothe and Hydrate. Hydrate bottle sprayer gets clogged as product nears about 1/4 full. Had to pull sprayer out of the bottle and rinse water through to get it to work. Wastes product, etc. any suggestions?

Mike Crews
Ammo Hydrate

Love this product! I have a jet black car and use Hydrate when I dry it. It works exactly as advertised. I also use it for quick cleanups and I keep a bottle in the trunk. I use most of the Ammo products and have consistently been very pleased with the results.

Jerry Gatto
This stuff is awesome!

After every wash I use AMMO Hydrate in my drying process. It makes my black paint look deep, rich and shiny. Easy to use and worth the effort. Water beads up and rolls away. Hey Larry, I wish AMMO Hydrate came in gallons!

Douglas Suarez
Hydrate is changing the drying game!

I am kicking myself for not purchasing Hydrate sooner. I'd wanted to finish off some of my old detailing supplies before investing in AMMO products but a coupon came in I couldn't resist and now after trying Hydrate and a few others from the AMMO lineup I'm throwing all my other supplies in the trash! Thanks to Hydrate I dried the car quicker and easier than ever before. My friend and I used it on his black car as well and were blown away by the results. He was so impressed he went and bought it for himself. I highly recommend Hydrate!

Smoke On

I love how the rain beads up when I 'm driving. Goes on super easy.