AMMO Hydrate Paint Moisturizer

Hydrate is our #1 product worldwide and has changed the way you dry your paint. It was designed out of frustration. Why is my paint getting scratched with every wash despite using fresh towels, multiple buckets, and grit guards? Turns out the drying process was causing many of the fine scratches (we call them “love marks”) on your paint because the drying was not lubricated enough with just the rinse water alone. Hydrate is a thick liquid that created a barrier between your microfiber towel (NO SHAMMY’S!) and the surface of your paint, leaving behind a thin layer of protection until your next washing session. Absolutely a MUST have for anyone who cares for their car. Used wet or dry. DO NOT FREEZE

  • Thick lubricant for drying paint, glass, trim
  • Minimizes risk of scratching and swirls when drying 
  • Leaves behind thin layer of protection and increased shine
  • Reduces water spotting
  • Can be used wet or dry for touchups

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Jonathan Wright
The Reason My Car Looks Like New

I was recently pulled over for speeding and the officer couldn't stop going on about my car (2017 Corvette Z06) and how it "looked brand new". I appreciated the compliments but not the ticket (though I deserved it). I washed it today and realized the officer was right. Yes there are some imperfections caused by road impacts or the Xpel getting old after 4 years, but I have ZERO swirl marks on the paint that's not wrapped. Sure, it has something to do with not wiping in circles, for sure, but I hand dry my car every single time I wash it, and I use Hydrate. Without it, I'm convinced my paint wouldn't look new like it does today, after over 4 years and 45K miles. I've tried products that claim to do the same thing (because I let my Hydrate run out) but it was immediately apparent they weren't providing the same lubrication during drying, nor the same shine afterwards. Highly recommended.

Mark B
Hydrate is the best!

I love Hydrate. I've used it for years. It is so simple to use and makes maintaining my car so much easier. The paint is so smooth and water just beads up and runs right off. All of AMMO's products are awesome!

Alejandro Navarro
In Love

I been using it for years now, AND I FREAKING LOVE IT, thank you Larry for always putting your heart in your products.