AMMO Spit Emergency Shine

High Gloss Spray Wax

  • NEW 2022 Formula
  • No streak anti-static formula
  • Lubricating spray wax cleans light dirt & dust 
  • Maintains incredible gloss, depth, & shine
  • Leaves paint incredibly slick
  • Perfect for quick on-the-road touchups

  • ALL NEW AMMO SPIT EMERGENCY SHINE is a civilized spray wax (lubrication) for quick, safe, dimensional, on-the-fly touchups with a no-streak, anti-static formula. The new refined formula expands on usability, lubrication, and high-gloss looks for enhanced protection. Use it for the dust or light dirt that has been casually accumulating on your car. Draws stares like moths to a light bulb. DO NOT FREEZE

    1. Spray onto paint, glass, chrome, and rims.
    2. Gently clean with a microfiber towel. Rotate towel as you buff.
    3. Avoid spraying on hot surfaces.
    NOTE: Specifically designed for post wash touch ups, pre-drive UV protection, and on-the-road maintenance of Skin, Hydrate, and Reboot. Never drive without it!

    Q: Does Spit offer the same protection as a traditional wax?

    A: No. This is a lubricant designed to safely carry away light dust and dirt. It does leave behind a thin layer of protection, but not the same as hand applying traditional wax protection.

    Q: Can Spit be used for plastic trim, glass, & badges?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Does the new Spit Emergency Shine leave streaks?

    A: No. The streak free anti-static formula leaves a clean clear finish after correctly wiping off.

    Q: Can I use Spit Emergency Shine on my wheels?

    A: Absolutely.

    Q: Can I use Spit on a dirty car?

    A: Yes for touchups, if you do not have access to a proper hose and soap.

    Customer Reviews

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    Use it with clay bar

    I like using this stuff just about everywhere, especially as a “finisher” for interior detailing jobs, but my favorite application is to use it as clay bar lube. It seriously leaves your finish feeling like butter. Add a top coat of wax and it’s slick like water.

    Chris Hall

    AMMO Spit Emergency Shine

    Louie vukovic
    Love it

    It's It's awesome it works well I love the shine