AMMO FROTHé Anti-Salt Lift (concentrate)

Hoseless Wash Anti-Salt Concentrate

· 25-30 “hoseless” washes per bottle 
· Thick shaving-cream like foam covers the surface
· Safely lubricates to lift dirt and neutralize road and ocean salt
· Designed for AMMO Aerator or Pro Foamer
· Perfect for apartment dwellers, water restricted areas
· Better alternative to the “mechanical washes” when you’re on the road


AMMO FROTHe Anti-Salt is a 20x concentrated (low pH) Humectant that creates a thick shaving cream-like foam to protect the surface of your paint from scratching during a hoseless wash. Formulated with salt-neutralizers for harsh salt-heavy winter environments or coastal regions that cause accelerated corrosion and damage. Perfect for apartment dwellers, water-restricted areas, or dry oceanside climates.

1. Use with AMMO Aerator, Pro Foamer, or wall-mounted Foamer.
2. Add 2oz of FROTHe Anti-Salt Lift (6 cap-fulls) to the reservoir, then add 40oz of warm water and shake.
3. Pump the sprayer to max pressure.
4. Evenly spray FROTHe Anti-Salt Lift in side-to-side motions, top down, one panel at a time. 

5. Wipe in straight-line motions from top to bottom with a MF towel. Rotate the towel as it becomes dirty. 

6. Once clean, use HYDRATE for the final wipe for insane depth and shine.
Pro Tip: Apply a thicker layer on the lower parts of the car and thinner layers towards the "less dirty" top regions. Rotate towels frequently. Can be used on wheels.

Q: Is Frothé meant to replace a traditional wash with water?

A: No. It is designed to be a safe alternative to a proper wash (water, buckets, soap, etc...) in times when this is not possible. This is designed for apartment dwellers, water-restricted areas, winter months when the hose is put away, or when traveling and can't perform a proper wash.

Q: Do I need the Aerator to use Frothé?

A: Yes. However, some detailers use Frothé as an additive in the foam gun for extreme lubrication.

Q: What is the ideal ratio for mixing Frothe and Water in my Foamer/Aerator?

A: 40oz of water in the aerator and 2oz of Frothe. 2oz of Frothe is approximately 6 cap fulls of Frothe (from the 16oz concentrate bottle).

Q: Can I wash vinyl wraps and matte paint with Frothe?

A: Yes indeed.

Q: Should I use a wash mitt with Frothe?

A: No. Use many microfiber towels to "lift" the dirt and carry it away. Rotate the towels and only use clean sides to "scoop" up the Frothé. You will use many towels in lue of using water to rinse away the dirt.

Customer Reviews

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First time use after a tropical storm

Living in Bermuda, and close to the ocean, I'm used to waking up to a car covered in salt spray. Average car life before rust appears is about 3-4 years. I'm hoping this will prolong my current car's life. I tested this with the Ammo Aerator for a water less wash after Tropical Storm Alex. Worked perfectly! Would highly recommend.

Brendan Buccini
Absolutely perfect for Michigan

A must use product for michiganders and our yearly salt

Great for the boat!

I love to use Frothe Anti Salt on my boat for quick wipe downs in between big washes. Much better than just rinsing down with water.