AMMO Shag Fabric Cleaner

Alcantara, Fabric, & Carpet Cleaner

  • Multi-purpose carpet & upholstery cleaner
  • Simply spray & scrub! 
  • Removes odors, stains, soil, and other bacteria
  • Safely cleans Alcantara (faux suede) 
  • Restores the natural texture and smell of carpet, cloth, & alcantara

  • I originally named my carpet cleaner SHAG because my grandfather had weird shag carpets in his house and I always wonder how anyone could clean the fluffy carpet fibers without choking the vacuum. Anyhow the name was meaningful to me, but as it turns out in the UK it means something totally different. My bad.

    Shag is designed as a general cleaner for carpet, upholstery, and alcantara. It’s water based and slightly alkaline (10-11pH), which increases its cleaning strength, dissolve fats, emulsify soil, and destroy microorganism living in your fibers. Spray it on, let it penetrate for a few seconds, scrub (as appropriate for the condition and strength of the material you are cleaning), then blot dry or wet vac clean. You may need to repeat the process depending on the stain.

    TIP: Before you clean any surface hard or, in this case, soft…do your best to identify the cause of the stain. Is it coffee/juice, grease from the parking lot, milk or ice cream from your kid in the back, then it will need to be address with those specific cleaners. Otherwise use Shag, and assess as you go.

    1. Always pre-test Shag on an inconspicuous spot first.
    2. Spray liberally and allow 20-30 seconds for cloth/carpet penetration.
    3. Agitate soiled areas with a scrub brush, scrub pad, or towel to release dirt.
    4. Remove "lifted" dirt with a clean microfiber towel or wet vac.
    NOTE: Stain and odor neutralizing abilities.

    Q: Does Shag remove carpet stains?

    A: Yes and No. "Stains" is a broad word. Some stains yes....others no. Shag is a general fabric maintenance formula. Oil stains, for example, need a specific degreaser (Titan 12) to be released from the fabric. Juice and coffee stains may need a heavier specialized cleaner etc.... It's about diagnosing what the source of the stain is, then using the proper cleaner. Shag is a generalized cleaner for weekly maintenance.

    Q: Can I use Shag to clean Suede or Alcantara?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Does Shag safely clean leather and/or vinyl?

    A: Yes it is safe on these areas, but not designed for this type of cleaning. Use Lather instead.

    Q: Is Shag good for cleaning cloth seats & headliners?

    A: Yes, absolutely.

    Q: Does Shag have a strong odor?

    A: It does not, however it can be effective in removing car interior odors due to the peroxide present.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Ernie Yeager
    Shag cleaner

    I am so pissed you didn’t make me buy this sooner. Take these famous words and use them. This shit works. Signed Ernie Yeager 3

    Jim Benedict
    Excellent results with Shag!

    This is my go-to for vehicle needs and carpeting inside the house. My carpet stain removal kit includes the extractor, Shag and various scrub brushes. I have been able to get 99% of all stains out with this combination. That includes white carpeting in our living room with pets and children. Great product!

    Gregory Horvath
    The uses are amazing!!!

    These products are great for use in and on my car. My wife is constantly stealing my car care supplies for use around the house. Shag does a great job on the carpets or the sofa when there’s a spill. Her theory is why buy something when we already have it. Kinda hard to argue with that logic.