AMMO Shag Fabric Cleaner

I originally named my carpet cleaner SHAG because my grandfather had weird shag carpets in his house and I always wonder how anyone could clean the fluffy carpet fibers without choking the vacuum. Anyhow the name was meaningful to me, but as it turns out in the UK it means something totally different. My bad.

Shag is designed as a general cleaner for carpet, upholstery, and alcantara. It’s water based and slightly alkaline (10-11pH), which increases its cleaning strength, dissolve fats, emulsify soil, and destroy microorganism living in your fibers. Spray it on, let it penetrate for a few seconds, scrub (as appropriate for the condition and strength of the material you are cleaning), then blot dry or wet vac clean. You may need to repeat the process depending on the stain.

TIP: Before you clean any surface hard or, in this case, soft…do your best to identify the cause of the stain. Is it coffee/juice, grease from the parking lot, milk or ice cream from your kid in the back, then it will need to be address with those specific cleaners. Otherwise use Shag, and assess as you go.

  • Multi-purpose carpet & upholster cleaner
  • Simply spray & scrub! 
  • Removes odors, stains, soil, and other bacteria
  • Safely cleans Alcantara (faux suede) 
  • Restores the natural texture and smell of carpet, cloth, & alcantara

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Todd Corcoran
Fabulous carpet Cleaer

Bought AMMO Shag to clean up an old MBZ wagon I inherited. This stuff works amazing it wellX with a simple Chrmical Guys. Carpet brush. Then wipe it off. Fir best results , spray product on carpet , brush lightly, then while brushing with 1hannd , spray a little more exactly where you are brushing, and watch all the dirt/grease/grime lift to the top of the foaming suds. And simply wipe it off with a Home Depo microfiber cloth! Then let it dry. Simply amazing results!

Great and gentle

Perfect for cleaning any carpet from super stuff to plush. Gentle and doesn’t leave any stains on everything I’ve used it on. Also doesn’t have a harsh smell like so many others.

Wes England
Fantastic Product

I couldn't seem to find something I trusted enough to clean up my cloth seats. After watching multiple videos of Larry's, I thought I would give it a try. The results were more than enough to keep me coming back. Thanks!