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Long-lasting Ceramic Trim Coat

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Frame out your ride for the perfect wet look.

Trim, rubber, and plastic have different rules, and even after a good wash can look faded and stained. Makes your detail look 90%, but AMMO FRAME PRO TRIM COAT can give you that last 10% back. It’s a long-lasting, semi-permanent solution for restoring the factory finish of textured black trim, plastic cladding, and bumpers found on most cars today. AMMO FRAME PRO TRIM COAT is packaged in a convenient dispensable wipe, is easy to apply by hand, and cures quickly within an hour in normal conditions. It’s the best way to "frame" your vehicle’s design. Mask off paint, glass, and other surfaces to avoid accidental contact. Trim must be completely clean, dry, and bare prior to application.

  • Improves and restores factory trim finish
  • Convenient dispensable wipes (pack of 3)
  • Rich deep finish enhances trim surfaces
  • Trim specific ceramic coating with water beading
  • Simple wipe-on formula
  • Durable and long-lasting
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1. Wash area with dish soap or BRUTE thoroughly. If necessary, scrub with TITAN 12 degreaser and small stiff brush prior to thorough wash if trim is wax-stained.

2. Dry with compressed air.

3. Put on protective gear: latex gloves, safety glasses, and mask. Work in well-ventilated area.

4. Tape off paint, windows, or other surfaces to avoid accidental contact.

5. Open packet, remove applicator, apply to dry trim with over-lapping motions in even strokes for smooth, "level" layers.

6. Do not get wet or drive for 1 hour to fully cure. NOTES: Trim must be 100% dry for coating adhesion. Cloth applicator will be strongest during first applications and slowly deplete as product is applied. Be mindful of how much product is "layered" at first. Flip and refold applicator for more product to be released as it becomes dirty.


Q: Why does Frame Trim Coat have such a strong smell?

A: Due to the adhesion to trim surfaces and the flexible nature of the plastic, the formula is a specialized trim ceramic that has a very strong odor. PPE is recommended.

Q: What protective gear should I wear when applying Frame?

A: Latex Gloves, Safety Glasses, and Mask. Work in well ventilated area.

Q: Is Frame a ceramic coating?

A: Yes, it's a semi permanent ceramic coating formulated for trim with 1-2 years protection. (weather dependent)

Q: How long should I let Frame cure?

A: Allow frame to cure for 1 hour in dry conditions. Do not drive or get wet prior to Frame curing.

Q: What surfaces are safe to apply Frame?

A:Black trim, plastic cladding, rubber moldings, adheres best to clean textured surfaces.

Q: Is Frame safe to use on plastic trim in engine bays and bumpers by exhausts?

A: Yes, Frame Pro can be applied on appropriate plastic covers and bumpers in these areas if the surface is cool and clean. Vehicle should not be running and Frame should cure for the full 60 minute duration before vehicle operation. Do not apply Frame to engine components or exhaust pipes.

"It's the best way to frame your vehicle's design."

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Art T
Frame Pro

Straight up, Frame Pro is the best trim restorer I have ever used. Please, please read the instructions and watch Larry's video FIRST before you use it. I recently used Frame Pro on a 2009 Charger with heavily faded black plastic and rubber trim, panels between the front and back door, etc. It made the car look like new (or as close as you can for a 2009 with 130M miles and mostly parked outside). More importantly, 6 months later, the trim looks the same and cleans easily.
Please wear gloves and be aware that it dries clear and hard, so if you touch paint or glass, and it dries, it may be difficult to remove. The pads make precise application much easier and you do get a lot of "milage" out of a single pad.
Awesome product!!!

Nice product

Wow, what a difference this made on my 18 year old Frontier! One tip to remember, mask off anything that you don't want this product on! I failed to mask my chrome bumper and paid for it! It's very difficult to remove so be careful! Another point to consider. The three packages was barely enough to cover all the trim so use sparingly.

Shawn K.
Like magic

Applied to recently bought 2014 camaro with dried out plastic trim. Figured it would be a good chance to try it out. Definitely impressed beyond what I expected. I was hoping maybe just a shiny one day look, but it’s one month so far and still appears like new.

Jim Rieder

Simply THE best product I've ever used for plastic and rubber trim on my 04' 986.
Thanks Larry.
Highly recommended