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AMMO FROTHé Hoseless Lift & Wash (CONCENTRATE)

AMMO FROTHé Hoseless Lift & Wash (CONCENTRATE)

Easy Hoseless Wash Concentrate

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The easiest, safest way to wash your car without a hose. 

It’s cold. Or maybe you don’t have access to a hose. But your car, it’s dirty. You just need to make it look good, and spray wax alone just won’t cut it. That’s what AMMO FROTHé is for. A 20x concentrated humectant that creates a thick shaving cream-like foam. It’ll protect the surface of your paint from scratching during a hoseless wash. AMMO FROTHé can be used on wet or dry paint and does not require a final rinse. Perfect for apartment dwellers, water restricted areas, and out on the road with no access to water.

  • 25-30 hoseless washes per bottle
  • Thick shaving cream-like foam protects the surface from scratches
  • Safe lubricates to lift dirt off the paint
  • Designed for the AMMO Aerator or Pro Foamer
  • Scents of Mint
  • Safer, more efficient alternative to spray wax or waterless wash products
  • Made in the USA
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How do I use AMMO FROTHé Hoseless Lift & Wash (CONCENTRATE)

1. Use only with a hand pump Humectant sprayer with wide fan tip (visit for info).

2. Add 1oz of Frothe to the sprayer reservoir, then add 20oz of warm water and shake.

3. Pump the sprayer to max pressure.

3. Pump the sprayer to max pressure.

4. Evenly spray Frothe in side-to-side motions, top down, one panel at a time.

5. Wipe in straight-line motions from top to bottom with a microfiber towel.

6. Rotate the towel as it becomes dirty.

7. Switch to a clean microfiber towel and use Hydrate for the final wipe for insane depth and shine.


Q: Is Frothé meant to replace a traditional wash with water?

A: No. It is designed to be a safe alternative to a proper wash (water, buckets, soap, etc...) in times when this is not possible. This is designed for apartment dwellers, water-restricted areas, winter months when the hose is put away, or when traveling and can't perform a proper wash.

Q: Do I need the Aerator to use Frothé?

A: Yes. However, some detailers use Frothé as an additive in the foam gun for extreme lubrication.

Q: What is the ideal ratio for mixing Frothe and Water in my Foamer/Aerator?

A: 40oz of water in the aerator and 2oz of Frothe. 2oz of Frothe is approximately 6 cap fulls of Frothe (from the 16oz concentrate bottle).

Q: Can I wash vinyl wraps and matte paint with Frothe?

A: Yes indeed.

Q: Should I use a wash mitt with Frothe?

A: No. Use many microfiber towels to "lift" the dirt and carry it away. Rotate the towels and only use clean sides to "scoop" up the Frothé. You will use many towels in lue of using water to rinse away the dirt.

"The easiest, safest way to wash your car without a hose."

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Gregory Horvath
Prewash favorite

Frothe Anti-Salt + Boost Anti-Salt makes a great prewash spray. Living in Chicago, they throw a lot of chemicals on the streets in the winter. I use it on the lower part and underbody of my car to loosen the corrosive garbage, let it dwell and then do my regular wash. Great product. Keep it in the lineup.

Jacob Ryk
Great Product! Just a little different

I bought frothe for the first time a couple years ago to try and it worked absolute wonders! Cleans and lubricates exceptionally well just as advertised. My only complaint about frothe is the streaks that it tends to leave behind, even while using multiple clean towels on relatively clean paint. However,any streaking can be remedied by a good use of Hydrate or reflex top coat. My only other comments are that the scent is different than it was a couple years ago. I remember it smelling wonderful and very fruity, and now the scent has changed to a more chemical smell. It's still pleasant and no bother but it makes me wonder if the formula has been updated in the last couple of years.

Frank Osborn
This is how I wash the cars now

Easy to use. I just don’t use water anymore. Environmentally friendly and easy to use. Don’t have to worry about the temperature like you used to and it’s quick to use. Way less mess. Really has transformed how I watch my cars.

Toby Johnson
Great product, and great service

I was already pretty impressed with AMMO before my first shipment even arrived. We live in an apartment, with no access to running water. I had given a couple of other rinseless products a try, but I still wasn't sold on the process. On a Sunday morning internet search, I came across their FROTHE rinseless product, and really liked the idea of a thick foam, vs. just a liquid. I had a few questions, so I shot off an email, expecting to hear back from some customer service rep, later in the week. I was amazed when Larry himself responded, later that day...on a SUNDAY! He answered the questions I had, helped me dial in the usage based on my particular situation, and also suggested I work Hydrate in to the process, and finish off with Reflex pro. Ordered up all three, and couldn't be happier with the results!