Ceramic Infused Carnauba Wax

  • Handmade Carnauba Finishing Wax
  • Insane depth, gloss, and clarity
  • Easy satisfying wax application for 50+ vehicles
  • Ceramic blended formula for durable protection
  • Smells amazing
  • Comes with 1 Microfiber Applicator

AMMO REFLEX PRO FINISHING WAX (BLUSH) is a meticulously handmade, highly reflective carnauba wax infused with AMMO REFLEX PRO that creates intense paint depth, clarity, and a coveted warm wet look. Use AMMO REFLEX PRO FINISHING WAX as a final layer over REFLEX PRO, SKIN, or as a stand-alone for concours reflection and total protection. Late afternoon sun. The warm glow of summer rushes in through open windows. Giggles from the back seat match your speed. Park by the beach for a game of tag. The perfect day with your favorite person. REFLEX PRO FINISHING WAX is about "the drive." It's made for people who care about the way their car looks, as much as its performance. For a feast of information and helpful videos go to Reflex Pro Finishing Wax comes with 1 MF applicator. DO NOT FREEZE


    1. Ensure paint is clean and dry. Reflex Pro Finishing Wax can be applied over any coating or sealant.
    2. Apply a thin layer with a microfiber or foam applicator pad.
    3. Allow 1-3 minutes to dry and remove with a clean microfiber towel.
    NOTE: Best if applied out of direct sunlight. Reflex Pro Finishing Wax offers up to 6 months of protection if washed and maintained regularly.

    Q: Can Reflex Pro Finishing Wax be used with any coating or sealant?

    A: Yes, the formula is specifically designed for this purpose and is the "final" protection layer for your vehicle.

    Q: How much protection does Reflex Pro Finishing Wax offer?

    A: Reflex Pro Finishing Wax offers up to 6 months of protection if washed and maintained regularly. A neutral soap like AMMO Foam is best for maintenance washes.

    Q: Is Reflex Pro Finishing Wax the replacement for AMMO Créme?

    A: Yes, Reflex Pro Finishing Wax is the updated superior formula to AMMO Créme and features increased durability due to a carnauba infused Reflex Pro formula.

    Q: How many applications can I expect from a jar of Reflex Pro Finishing Wax?

    A: On average 50+ applications depending on vehicle size.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews

    I used this on my very bright blue Explorer that lives outside. A month of rain and yuck and it still looks great. Can’t wait to use it again. Get it if you’re on the fence. Get it!

    Excuse me while I blush my car

    Having a hard week or need to relax, nothing is as satisfying as applying Reflex pro finishing wax to the daily or weekend warrior. The smell alone is absolutely incredible, but this product allows me to decompress and bond with my Subarus. Applying and removing this is as fluent and simple as Larry makes all his videos. I simply can't resist looking back as I walk away, to admire the high gloss shine this product provides, either alone or perfectly paired with the Ammo pro line. I would Highly recommend this product to protect your car, it will bring nothing but joy.

    Nick W

    Just like every other product Larry sells, this product is phenomenal. Left my paint protected and looking like perfect!