Track days are at the very core of AMMO’s principals; getting the most out of your machine while keeping both it and yourself protected. Participating in your first track day event can be both exhilarating and nerve-racking, so I’ve prepared the list below to help you to better focus on your track time. Forget superchargers and R-comp tires for now; your primary goal is to strengthen the relationship between you and the car. Study how your driving inputs affect your vehicles’ balance and overall control. Oh yeah and HAVE FUN!


01 | Join your local car club chapter (Porsche, BMW, Audi, Corvette, etc) or visit or and search for events in your area.

02 | Sign up for the event and receive an email from the track registration that contains your tech sheet.

03 | Buy track insurance from prior to any track event.

04 | Visit your local certified tech shop for a pre-track inspection. Email the track chair for approved mechanical shops in your region within 2 weeks of the event. DON’T LOSE THE SIGNED SHEET. YOU WILL NEED IT TO GET ON THE TRACK!

05 | Read and study your track day rules and the meaning of each flag found in your registration email.

06 | Visit,,, and apexperformance.netfor all your track safety gear required.

07 | Bring AMMO SPIT with you for aid in removing tough dirt accumulated throughout the day, along with some microfiber towels for easy cleanup.

08 | Suggested items to bring with you to the track include: Extra long sleeve shirt, pants and socks, driving shoes, driving gloves, rain jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, drivers license (mandatory), signed tech form (mandatory), tarp, large canvas bag to hold loose items, folding chair, torque wrench, tire pressure gauge, motor oil, brake fluid, window towels, window cleaner, painters tape, note book, and a cooler with food and water.

09 | When parking in the paddock allow enough space for each car to open its doors without touching the car next to it. Give a wide birth to your fellow drivers.

10 | Remove all loose items in your car prior to tech-in on the day of the event. E-ZPass tag, garage openers, pens, coins, removable floor mats, radar detectors, spare tire, etc.

11 | DO NOT MISS THE MANDITORY DRIVERS MEETING! Get your run group assignment and on-track schedule.

12 | Find your instructor and let them know where you are parkedin the paddock.

13 | Practice and understand the flag signals and hand signals.This is critical for on track safety.

14 | NEVER engage your parking brake after a session. Heat from the track can get trapped and warp your brakes.

15 | Plan on using a lot of fuel throughout the day. Tracks often only have higher octane fuels available, so an extra gas can filled with your cars’ normal octane fuel can be useful.

16 | Drink lots and lots of fluids all day and remember to relax when you’re out there and have fun!

AMMO SKIN Apply Skin the day before a track session for protection from road tar, rubber, and minor

AMMO SPIT Take Spit with you the day of the event for aid in removing tough stains and accumulated road grime.

AMMO GELEÉ Apply Geleé the day before a track session to prevent brake dust build-up and ease

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