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AMMO Titan 12 Degreaser

AMMO Titan 12 Degreaser

Multi-Purpose Degreaser

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The Swiss army knife of automotive cleaners.

AMMO TITAN 12 is a strong, safe degreaser that can be used on paint, plastic trim, engine bays, interiors with oil based stains, wheels, and undercarriages. Named TITAN 12 because of its strong base pH level of... you guessed it 12 meaning effective alkaline cleaning. Useful for cleaning sunblock and lotion off of Interior surfaces. TITAN 12 is an essential degreaser for multiple detailing applications. DO NOT FREEZE

  • pH level 12 = strong cleaning power
  • Removes grease and oils
  • Can be used on paint, engine, interior, wheels, convertible tops
  • Removes interior oil stains (sweat, grease, sunblock, lotion)
  • Scent of Citrus
  • Made in the USA
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How do I use AMMO Titan 12 Degreaser

1. Perform a test spot on the paint or interior to ensure the area is not affected.

2. On the exterior, use out of direct sunlight and avoid hot painted surfaces. Do not allow to dry.

3. On the interior, agitate with a brush or scrub pad and immediately wipe clean. Do not allow to dry.

4. Once the stain is removed, protect the surface with Mousse (plastic, leather, vinyl) or fabric guard (carpet, cloth, alcantara)

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AMMO Titan 12 Degreaser FAQ

Q: Does Titan 12 strip any protective coatings?

A: It most cases, it will not remove coatings, but this is 100% dependant on the quality and age of the coating.

Q: What tool should I use to clean with Titan 12?

A: Depends on what is being cleaned. If being used on suspension, then the use of brushes and mitts are beneficial.

Q: Can Titan 12 remove scratches or etching?

A: No. You will need an abrasive to remove scratches and etching.

Q: Does Titan 12 clean tree sap?

A: Yes it can, but it depends on the type of tree sap. Try Titan 12 first, then try a solvent if unsuccessful.

Q: Can I use Titan 12 on windows?

A: No.

Q: Is Titan 12 safe to use on Matte or Vinyl Finishes?

A: Yes, if an oil based stain is located in this area.

Q: Is Titan 12 safe to use on soft or single stage paint?

A: Yes, if an oil based stain is located in this area. Avoid working on hot paint or in direct sunlight. Do not allow Titan 12 to sit for more than 1 minute on single-stage paint.

"The Swiss Army Knife of automotive cleaners."

Customer Reviews

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Alex S
Great product and purchased 4 more bottles!

Really great product and very satisfied with it. I followed Larry's video and detailed the engine bay on my wife's 2018 Outback and it worked great. I'd say one bottle will get you enough product to do two heavily soiled engine bays give or take. My only negative is that it doesn't appear that you can buy larger quantities (1 gallon) so that you can refill the smaller spray bottles. Great job AMMO NYC!!!!

Titan 12 not just for auto detailing

My vehicles never get to the point where I need a degreaser but my John Deere did so I bought this product to see if it could handle the underside of the mower deck. After scraping the heavy stuck on grass, I wet the deck and sprayed on titan. I was happy to see the results. Tip, spray wd40 after cleaning.


Strong for engine bays


Haven’t used it yet