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AMMO Dual Density Interior Brush

AMMO Dual Density Interior Brush

Gentle Interior Brush

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The all-purpose, gentle interior brush. 

This is the brush you need for keeping your interior so fresh, so clean. The AMMO INTERIOR BRUSH features a unique blend of boar hair bristles cut to AMMO specifications for safe, effective interior cleaning. The dual density function of the AMMO INTERIOR BRUSH allows the user to control the strength of agitation via pressure with a softer outer ring and stiffer inner barrel. The brush is lightweight and features a contoured waterproof handle durable for everyday use. And you want to clean that interior every day, don’t you?

  • Dual Density Boar Hair Bristles for 2 levels of cleaning in 1 brush
  • Comfortable waterproof handle
  • Excellent for cleaning leather, plastic, upholstery, fabric, & buttons
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Paul B
Best Brush!

I have been through hundreds of brushes with my detailing business. I can say this is the highest-quality brush I have ever used and it is my primary brush for any interior. Yes, there are other brushes for 1/3 of the cost, but you will go through 10 of them before this one even starts looking like it might need to be replaced. Do not be a victim of the boot tax, just buy this and do not look back.


This is my go to interior brush. I love how pliable the brush is for vents etc…what’s incredible is the fact the you can put more pressure on the brush for more aggressive cleaning like funky cup holders and such.
Another great money maker n the tool chest.
I highly recommend it.


Work very good with the interior lather to remove stains from a head liner.

David G.
Great brush

Amazing brush really well made