Hoseless Wash Woolie

  • Flo-Thru Design dispenses Frothé foam directly from the Woolie
  • Soft micropile lifts dirt & contaminants
  • Connects directly to AMMO Aerator
  • Safely cleans Wheels, Suspension Components, Engine Bays, Undercarriages
  • Perfect for Hoseless Washes & Winter Washes inside
  • Patented construction with no adhesives or metal components to scratch rims
  • Clean entire wheels without taking them off
  • Made in the USA

The AMMO Flo-Thru Woolie is an innovative hoseless wash tool that allows for dispensable Frothé foam using an AMMO designed Flo-Thru Braun Wheel Woolie®. This patented technology fuses micropile to a flexible polypropylene handle with durable materials for the most difficult cleaning conditions. The Flo-Thru Woolie features a custom attachment to the AMMO Aerator for pressure-driven Frothé Foam that flows out of the Woolie at carefully designed orifices. This allows for concentrated lubrication during cleaning while the Woolie maintains the delivery of fresh Frothé to lift dirt and contaminants safely. Made in the USA without any adhesives or metal components that can inadvertently scratch wheels. The AMMO Flo-Thru Woolie is the perfect hoseless wash tool for safely cleaning wheels, suspension components, engine bays, undercarriages, and more. Clean your entire rim safely without the use of a jack or lift! Perfect for apartment dwellers, individuals in drought or water restricted areas, winter wash enthusiasts, and general effective cleaning. Having worked on the AMMO FLO-THRU WOOLIE for many years with Braun and fabricated many homemade prototypes, I couldn't be more excited to offer this one-of-a-kind hoseless wash tool.  Drive + Protect

1. Unscrew the nozzle spray tip on the Aerator's wand assembly.
2. Remove the green o-ring for fitting to the Flo Thru Woolie Hose Attachment. Store the retaining nut and spray tip for future use.
3. Prep the Aerator with 6 capfuls (2oz) of Frothe Anti-Salt Lift or Frothe Hosless Lift to 40oz of water.
4. Screw on Flo-Thru Hose attachment to Aerator Nozzle.
5. Pressurize Aerator via the hand pump until pump has resistance.
6. Depress the trigger and allow Frothe to flow out of the Woolie before agitating wheels, suspension components, engine bays, etc.
7. Depress the trigger and pump the aerator as needed during the cleaning phase.
8. Once cleaning is complete, wipe the surface with a clean microfiber towel. Flip to a clean side as the towel becomes soiled.
9. Any remaining Frothe residue will evaporate from the surface.
10. Depressurize Aerator after use and wash the Woolie with warm soapy water. Allow to air dry.

Q: What do I need to use the AMMO Flo-Thru Woolie?

A: The Flo-Thru Woolie attaches via hose directly to the AMMO Aerator for use with Frothe or Frothe Anti-Salt. Pair the Flo-Thru Woolie with either Hoseless Wash Kit for best results.

Q: Is the AMMO Flo-Thru Woolie safe for all types of rims?

A: Yes, the Flo-Thru Woolie is a safe alternative for cleaning your wheel without a wheels off detail or access to a hose. The Flo-Thru design allows a continuous "flow" of new Frothe to clean and flush the surface. Frothe is safe for all rim types including magnesium.

Q: Is the AMMO Flo-Thru Woolie safe for carbon ceramic brakes?

A: Yes, the Frothe foam dispensed by the Flo-Thru Woolie is safe for cleaning carbon ceramic brakes.

Q: What do I do if I can't dry Frothe from the back of my wheel?

A: The Flo-Thru Woolie works best with Frothe because any leftover residue will evaporate.

Q: Does the AMMO Flo-Thru Woolie have metal components that could scratch rims?

A: No, the patented Braun construction features a micropile unit on a flexible handle free of any metal that could damage wheel surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Must Have

This attachment makes it super easy to clean the wheels and brake components. If you own an Aerator this is a must have!

Ashley Huang
Flo thru Woolie

This Is incredible! Larry’s a genius. An essential tool for easy cleaning of the wheels. Works perfectly! Game changer. The thick foam comes out beautifully from the aerator onto the woolie. And man this woolie is super soft! What an idea!

Joe Teasley