Obey Glass Cleaning Kit

INCLUDES: OBEY (glass cleaner), AMMO Squeegee (Window Tool), Scrub Pad, 1 Pack Red Towels, 1 Pack Final Wipe Glass Towel

  • The best cleaning products and tools for streak-free clear glass
  • Safe for tinted and non-tinted windows
  • Maintains clear visibility
  • Reduces fingerprints for up to 14 days
  • No-drip AMMO Obey Formula

  • Cleaning hazy windows can be a tough part of any detail which is why I developed a glass kit focused on crystal clear. The Obey Glass Kit combines our quintessential window cleaner with the best tools and towels for streak-free clean glass. Use a scrub pad with glass cleaner to first agitate and loosen embedded contaminants. Spray more cleaner and use the AMMO Squeegee to guide the liquid to the edge of the window cleaning the blade after each pass with a microfiber towel. Buff any remaining liquid or residue with a microfiber towel. Use a dry glass towel for the final wipe.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mike Robbins
    Best glass cleaning kit!

    I don't think I am alone in this but glass cleaning is the worst part of detailing. This kit makes it easy with a great result! Actually enjoyed it for the first time. Squeegee is the best I have tried!

    Dan Visker
    All You Need For Glass Cleaning

    Everything in one kit. Excellent glass cleaner and towels along with a scrubber and squeegee.