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AMMO Pro Foamer

AMMO Pro Foamer

XL Portable Foamer

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Continuous spraying action for an efficient wash.

Here’s the situation. You want to clean your car, but its cold. Or there’s no water around. So you reach for your AMMO AERATOR. But what if you want to do more than one car that day, or you want to have a broader coverage of FROTHÉ at once? That’s where the AMMO PRO FOAMER comes in. You can hook it up to your existing compressor for continuous foaming without pumping, or simply put in the back of your mobile van or garage and pump by hand. This will give you the capability to clean up to 22 vehicles. That’s approximately $1.60 per full car hoseless wash! This is a serious tool that will make your life 100x easier when cleaning without a hose and water.

  • 2.5 gallon hand pump or compressor fed continuous foamer
  • Cleans 20-22 vehicles with one bottle of FROTHE
  • 6 foot nozzle for extended reach
  • Air pressure value & gauge for easy monitoring
  • High quality, durable pro-grade construction


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews


    David Munden
    Pro or weekend Washer - it's a ten

    I had the smaller foaming bottle that just didn't do what I was hoping for.
    It's awesome for small stuff but bigger areas it's just underpowered.

    After much deliberation, I made my purchase and wow am I ever pleased with the results.

    I have a compressor in my garage so no hand pumping needed.
    But, you can bring it mobile if you require!
    Easy to use.
    Amazing performance.
    And a massive reservoir capable of one shot coverage of even the biggest SUV's without having to refill.

    My cache of AmmoNYC products keeps growing.
    Treat Yo Self!

    Jason M Geerts
    Looks great

    Haven't had a chance to use it quite yet, but it all brand new in the box, from what I've seen on YouTube the easy to use, with a air compressor or pump it up by hand. A lot better than the small hand held, it has more product and longer use.

    Matthew Fraser
    Pro foamer

    Awesome product! Always spits out a thick foamy layer onto the paint. Couldn’t have done better on this one. Nice job Larry!