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AMMO Agitation Scrub Brush

AMMO Agitation Scrub Brush

Large Scrub Brush

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A tough brush for tough jobs.

Engine bays. Undercarriage. Wheel wells. Places where dirt loves to chill. You need some elbow grease here. And some toughness. The AMMO AGITATION BRUSH is an important tool in your detailing arsenal. Featuring a unique dual density design of boar hair and the highest quality nylon bristles for effective cleaning. The AGITATION BRUSH is perfect for undercarriages, tires, engine bays, wheel wells, and more.

  • Dual Density Design increases cleaning power
  • Contoured comfortable handle
  • High quality boar hair & nylon bristle blend
  • Excellent for cleaning tough dirt & contaminants
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Really thoughtfully designed brushes. As a professional detailer, I use brushes every day. The better the brush, the better the results. Tools and one’s experience and skill with them help get the work done correctly and quickly. Take care of them and they’ll always serve you well.

Belshe Rivera


So much cleaning potential!

By far the best brush for tires, truck beds and the larger surface areas of rims and tires. The fine boar hair do an awesome job maximizing the frothing so I use less cleaner for the same results, I look forward to more products in the future!

The toothbrush for your wheels!

This is my go-to tire and outer-rim brush; the more pressure you apply, the stiffer the bristles and more agitation applied. It’s high-quality and durable though light enough to prevent fatigue. This is great for really soiled tires. Larry has done a phenomenal job on this design.