Professional Paint + Wheel Coatings, MUD Tire Gel + SPIT (Spray Wax) + 6 Microfiber Towels



  • The best coatings for show-stopping shine, gloss, and protection 
  • Reflex Pro & Gelee Pro protect your paint/wheels for up to 2 years
  • Truly “CLEAN” with proven anti-bacterial ingredients
  • Makes future cleaning easier and good for several applications
  • Guaranteed “look back” factor

    The Show Car Kit starts with protecting both your paint and wheels with the AMMO coatings. This will give you the base layer of shine and protection to build subsequent layers of shine prior to the show. Apply Reflex Pro and Gelee Pro to new cars or immediately after a full wash and paint correction. The level of depth and shine is intense. Maintain the finish with AMMO Spit to remove light dust when at the car show and reapply AMMO Mud tire moisturizer when you arrive at the show to create deep contrast between the wheels and rubber. 

    The show car kit includes Reflex Pro Enamel Coat, Gelee Pro Wheel and Metal Coat, a pair of microfiber applicator, SPIT quick detailer spray, MUD tire shine, and a stack of large red microfiber towels.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Robert Curcio
    AMMO provides the best protection and great depth to the car's paint.

    I just bought the show car kit for my family's vehicles. I've been an AMMO loyalist for a little while, but these new products are insane!!! I used Reflex Pro on my grey Audi Q8 in the spring and depth was unreal. I now got Reflex Pro for my wife's red VW Atlast Cross Sport and my mom's white Kia Telluride. Looking forward to getting it on all of the cars and putting Gelee Pro on all of the rims now too. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

    Bob Parks
    Reflex Saved My Mercedes Paint

    Reflex is amazing. But. My Mercedes was in a garage fire, which smoked up the cars paint,windows,wheels, etc. it was a heart breaking mess. The worst of all,PVC plastic melted and dripped on the trunk lid, big blotches of melted plastic all over the trunk. After carefully washing the car ( the smoke and stains came right off ) I started to remove the melted plastic. To my surprise, using a lubricant and A very careful lite touch with a razor blade, the melted plastic came off the car with only very minor scratches that will buff right out. I am sure the Reflex saved the finish on my Mercedes. The insurance company offered to have my car cleaned and detailed, I said no thanks betting that using AMMONYC products and knowledge I could do a better safer job than a detail shop. I Just ordered the AMMONYC interior cleaning kit and an (Ozone Machine from Amazon ) so I can tackle the interior.

    Reflex protected the finish of my car in a way I never expected.

    New hobby thanks to Larry

    Amazing product so far The car kits have been amazing on my Jeep Wrangler. My Jeep has never been cleaner or shinier