The Show Car Kit starts with protecting both your paint and wheels with the AMMO coatings. This will give you the base layer of shine and protection to build subsequent layers of shine prior to the show. Apply Reflex Pro and Gelee Pro to new cars or immediately after a full wash and paint correction. The level of depth and shine is intense. Maintain the finish with AMMO Spit to remove light dust when at the car show and reapply AMMO Mud tire moisturizer when you arrive at the show to create deep contrast between the wheels and rubber. 

The show car kit includes Reflex Pro Enamel Coat, Gelee Pro Wheel and Metal Coat, a pair of microfiber applicator, SPIT quick detailer spray, MUD tire shine, and a stack of large red microfiber towels.

  • The best coatings for show-stopping shine, gloss, and protection 
  • Reflex Pro & Gelee Pro protect your paint/wheels for up to 2 years
  • Truly “CLEAN” with proven anti-bacterial ingredients
  • Makes future cleaning easier and good for several applications
  • Guaranteed “look back” factor

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Customer Reviews

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New hobby thanks to Larry

Amazing product so far The car kits have been amazing on my Jeep Wrangler. My Jeep has never been cleaner or shinier

charles thompson
Show Car Kit

As I am new to using this product, all I can say is that I will not being going back to the other brands that I have used in the past to detail my cars. You can really tell the difference in the look of your your paint and even the feel of your paint is noticeable. I highly recommend using Ammo to maintain your show cars and even your daily will start to feel like a show car.

Matthew Baker
Show car kit

Products are amazing. Ammo and gyeon are hands down the best in the industry.